• John Bougearel

7-10 day Fast Detox

Updated: Feb 9

Can Combine Juice Fast with Bone Broth, Nutrient Shake Fast, and even the Grapefruit Diet

Can be as little as 1-3 days, but this won’t suffice for metabolic reboot where enzymes scour body for toxins and other metabolic waste

Hardest day is 3-4 because of detox

Use guar gum or other binders before bed – guar gum also fills tummy when you have hunger pains

Days 4-5 you really begin to start to feel better and energized,

Carry on into days 7-10.

Can modify with a ½ to whole grapefruit 3x a day (see Grapefruit Diet)

Break fast with light foods or fruit

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