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K2 and the Calcium Paradox by Kate Rheaume-Bleue N.D.

K2 (Dr. Weston A. Price’s Activator X) activates the proteins

Osteocalcin and MGP. The Osteocalcin protein transports

Ca into bones to strengthen bone density, and MGP dissolves/removes dangerous Calcium deposits in the arteries/arterial calcification. “The discovery of K2 is the final piece in the nutritional puzzle of many widespread diseases.”

A discussion of K2 would have been a great add to the NTAs 7th module about Ca as a game of cofactors and the transport of Ca into teeth and bones. Further discussion about K2 could have been introduced into the 11th module as a Big Idea because of the ability of K2-activated MGP to inhibit “tissue calcification.”

K2 = Menaquinone

Osteocalcin and MGP are K2 dependent proteins. Once activated (carboxlylated) by K2, the structure of osteocalcin and MGP are altered so as to allow these proteins to bind to Ca. When we are K2 deficient, these proteins are “under-carboxlyated.”

Osteocalcin attracts Ca into bones and teeth. Osteocalcin also acts as a hormone to stimulate pancreas to secrete more insulin and increases sensitivity to insulin at cellular level. K2 is likely a critical nutrient in preventing and treating type 2 diabetes.”

MGP (matrix gla protein) – “escorts Ca out of areas where it is harmful, like arteries and veins…K2-activated MGP is the strongest inhibitor of tissue calcification presently known….Arterial calcification is a process of ossification – bone-building” K2-activated MGP doesn’t just prevent atherosclerosis, it reverses life-threatening plaque.”

MGP is a marker for heart disease.

K2 deficiency leads to inappropriate Ca metabolism. 85% of population is deficient. “Researchers rarely find an individual with enough vitamin K2 to meet their Ca metabolism needs.” Poor K2 status is a serious risk factor for postmenopausal bone loss.

Vitamin D3 is a cofactor in the production of Osteocalcin and MGP proteins. But K2 is required to activate these proteins. Vitamin D specifically accelerates the accumulation of arterial calcification in K2 deficiencies. D increases absorption of Ca from stomach. K2 is the key to putting Ca in its proper place, where it should be and where it shouldn’t be.

K2 is essential for pregnancy, and kids…..

MK4 – short chain butter egg yolks

MK7 – long chain form from fermented foods, stays in body longer, once a day dosing for bone density and heart health

Dr Price used high vitamin butter oil as the cornerstone of his nutritional protocol for treating dental cavities, and stopped drilling and filling teeth altogether. … once Price realized the value of Vitamims A, D, & K2 in treating tooth decay, he largely stopped drilling and filling teeth and instead used a combination of high vitamin cod liver oil (A&D) and grass-fed butters (K2

K2 is not well stored in the body. A K2 deficient diet can lead to K2 deficiency in 7 days.

K2 is made by bacterial synthesis. Pastured ruminant animals can convert K1 phylloquinone from chlorophyll-containing plants to K2. People can’t. But, animals are no longer pastured, they are grain fed. “When we removed the animals from the pastures, we inadvertently removed K2 from our diet.”

We need about 180 mcg of K2 a day. Dutch Gouda cheese has 76 mcg of K2, French Brie 56 mcg, egg yolks have 32 mcg. Smile and Say Dutch Gouda Cheese!

Pastured eggs have K2, but if your free-range chicken isn’t spending time on on green pastures, K2 content will be minimal. Pastured eggs have 67% more fitamin A, 2x Omega 3, 3x E, 7x Beta-carotene, 70% more B12, 4-6x vitamin D.

People that have to take the oral anticoagulant warfarin can benefit from small amounts of K2 (50mcg) – K2 wil minimize fluctuations in clotting capacity induced by diet.

50% of ppl with heart attacks have normal cholesterol. What matters is calcium rich plaques building up in the arteries. Research shows K2 is the single most important nutritional factor in preventing and reversing arterial blockages. Studies show that adding K2 to diet will activate MGP to reduce arterial calcium content by 50% over 6 weeks.

Vitamin D can demineralize your bones. Always take D with A and K2.

ALzheimers is strongly linked to accelerated bone loss and heart disease. The ALZ brain is much like the diabetic body. Either the brain isn’t producing enough insulin or the brain cells become insulin resistant. Their brains don’t use glucose properly. This disease is now being called type3 diabetes. K deficiency increases our risk of diabetes and that alone may predispose you to ALZ. Diaabetics have a 65% higher chance of ALZ.

K2 dependent osteocalcin has a significant impact on our body’s production and sensitivity to insulin. Osteocalcin improves body’s glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Osteocalcin acts as a hormone that tells the beta cells in the pancreas to produce more insulin. The 2nd highest concentration of K2 is the pancreas that produces insulin and regulates BS.

Skin wrinkling is linked to severity of osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes. The degree of facial wrinkling provides a glimpse into bone mineral density. High concentrations of inactivated MGP that contributes to wrinkles.

K2 can help varicose veins. When MGP is not activated in K2 deficient people, it contributes to the remodeling of vein walls causing bulging and distensions.

K2 for normal facial development and straight teeth in pregnant moms, babies, and kids. “Of all the benefits of K2, the one that shows the most promise is dental health…Our teeth are designed to heal. Eroded decalcified dentin renews itself when the right nutrients are plentiful.”

Periodontal disease is an early complication of diabetes.

Uncaboxylated Osteocalcin Tests – UcOC Ratio Test is best

Coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring

Better Together: K2, A and D --- the benefits of K2 are dependent on vitamins A and D.

When you supplement both A and D together, you will never see symptoms of toxicity of either vitamin, no matter how high the dosages

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