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Lessons learned along the way

Want to know more about my practice? Here are some reflections on the folks who have influenced me.

I completed Dr. Rick Malter’s Introductory Course in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) in January 2017. Rick Malter first learned mineral balancing in the early 1980s from the HTMA pioneers, doctors Paul Eck and David Watts (Dr. David Watts has been writing prolifically about minerals for more than 30 years).

I've benefited from several Youtube videos on minerals by Robert Selig. In the spring of 2018, I also had the opportunity to attend a weekend seminar of Karen von Merveldt-Guevara entitled “Routine Lab Panels Cross-Referenced with Hair Analysis.”


In January 2017, I started a Facebook Group called Nutritional Balancing with HTMA. I generally post on topics relevant to minerals, but also more broadly to functional health and nutrition. I am fortunate to have as contributing members my HTMA mentors, doctors Malter, Selig and von Merveldt-Guevarra.


Many people are curious about hair tissue mineral analysis and enjoy learning about their mineral status. More than anything else, this made it possible for me to get in my 500 clinical hours towards National Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition.

In 2018, I completed Dr. Robin DiPasquale’s course on Gemmotherapy, also known as Phytoembryotherapy. Gemmotherapy is a modern and novel homeopathic method of therapy using the extracts of plant buds. The raw materials found in plant buds contain all the nutritive elements, growth hormones, DNA, RNA, and mRNA needed for cell differentiation and growth. In short, these are the raw materials of the “vital force” of plants.

The vital force of these plants is transmitted to us through these plant bud extracts. They are used to nourish our bodies with a full spectrum of antioxidants, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and more. They stimulate detoxification at the cellular level, support drainage of vital organs by stimulating the removal of toxins through blood and lymph. They balance our electrolytes (the spark plugs of life) and regenerate the “electrical potential” of our cell membranes.


Through my HTMA mentors and such, I have also been privileged to meet several homeopaths. They are some of the most brilliant people on the planet. Homeopathic remedies are all about finding a single remedy to address the totality of symptoms in a client. It is about resolving disturbances at the “centre,” disturbances of the vital force, and bringing them back to center. I am just beginning four years of homeopathic study at the School of Homeopathy in England.

Functional Health

Michael McEvoy, founder of Metabolic Healing, is perhaps one of the best online educators I have ever come across. I am in the process of completing his five functional health classes: 1) Functional and Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis, 2) Mastering Functional Blood Analysis, 3) Blood Sugar and Insulin Resistance Mastery Course, 4) MTHFR Methylation and Biochemistry, 5) RCCX and Complex Illness.


What is unique about this entire journey of education in nutrition, functional health, minerals, gemmotherapy, and homeopathy is that none of these approaches are about suppressing symptoms and driving illnesses into a deeper state, as in the allopathic model.

Quite the opposite, these approaches stimulate the vital force and bring it back to center.

In many ways, I have been blessed, and I am not steering this course. It is just unfolding for me, perhaps shall we say by the vital force that has inspired me since conception.

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a wonderful clinician and researcher at the forefront of Lyme Disease and Autism, remarked that homeopathy and protocols that worked 30 years ago, don’t work anymore. He also said he has two types of clients, "those that get better, and those that don’t.” Those Lyme and Autistic patients of his that follow his rules for mitigating their exposure to EMF’s get better, and those that don’t, don’t.

Unfortunately, for us today, there is almost no place on earth where we can go to escape our exposure to EMFs from 4G and 5G technology. It is ubiquitous and cumulative. So our only option is to mitigate our EMF exposures as a first line of defense. This must be done to ensure the protocols we choose, work. So EMFs are another space that I am stepping into, with EMF meters for home and office testing, as well as providing solutions to clients. Let me know when you think I am taking on too much! :-)

Mold Toxicity

About half of all homes and offices in the U.S. have some degree of mold issues. If we determine that mold is an issue for you, we have to mitigate mold issues as well, or the protocols and remedies won’t work, either.

In short, we have to “remove” harmful elements of your environment and living spaces, to ensure optimal outcomes.

So that’s me. I look forward to learning about you as we work together on your health journey. Send me a note via my contact form.


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